Geek Speak Geek Podcast:
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“Leap Year and its Traditions.”

  • Why it sucks when it comes to rent
  • Leap Year vs Common Year definition.
  • Instilling “Unday” once a month.
  • Wedding Traditions : She can propose to you!
  • Fish or Cut bait, Shit or get off the pot.
  • St. Patrick and St. Bridgette Fable
  • Giving Silk Gowns and wearing red petticoat
  • Sadie Hawkins/Lil’ Abner
  • Greek Superstition regarding Leap Year
  • The price of a Disneyland Ticket: $80 + Parking…WTH!?
  • I would marry Zooey Deshanel, I love her but thats nothing new there.
  • Postage Stamp Rates should go down. 


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