AlienCyborgs at WonderCon 2012

AlienCyborgs at WonderCon 2012 shoots down south to Anaheim Ca. for WonderCon 2012 for some awesome Convention Goodness. WonderCon happens March 16 – 18  behind the “Orange Curtain” (Orange County) at the very modern looking Anaheim Convention Center. WonderCon has all the usual stuff that the Culture brings: Merchandise booths Galore, Video Game Demo Booths Artists, Writers, Indepenant Comics, Clothing Companies, Independant toy makers, People in costumes, oh yeah and Cosplay Girls…can’t forget the Cosplay girls!

The entire convention was set up very well, there was ample parking at the Disneyland Parking lot across the street. They had a decent variety of Food and Beverage on hand at a surprisingly affordable price…for a convention. Lots of Restrooms on hand and great handicap access through out the Convention Center.

The vendors were very helpful taking time out to answer all our questions and attendees were very friendly and willing to pose for pictures at a drop of a hat.

Judging by the amount of booths and people in costume, it seems that Steam Punk is here to stay. There were vendors selling all manner of Steam Punk wares, from Top Hats, Goggles, Laser Rayguns and Vampire Killing Gear to entire “Neo Victorian” inspired action wear. It even seems that even Pendragon Costumes (renown makers of all things Renaissance Faire) has joined the fray having one of the larger costume booths.

All in all with its Masquerade, childrens film festivals, signings,  seminars ranging from: “How to pitch your ideas”  to “Comic Book Copyright Law” and  Sit down talks with panels of industry pros. As well as the afore mentioned features, WonderCon is “Must Attend” event for anyone who loves the Culture!

Now only if I could get my hands on some Comicon passes!

– Getting to meet Ralph Bakshi and having him sign a limited edition 25th anniversary poster for the movie “Wizards”
– Meeting artist Micheal Golden (Micronauts) and Arthur Adams (Longshot mini series)
– AlienCyborgs’ Staff Member Ram “MegaRam” Olaño PWNS a few suckers at the Capcom Street Fighter vs Tekken Game Demo Booth
– The interactive R2-D2 Astromech Droid by Mantium Industries