AlienCyborgs Announces Giveaway Winners would like to say congratulations and thank you to our
Grand Prize winner: B. Wright  from Thousand Oaks, the Diablo 3 Signed
Copy Give Away! We hope you enjoy the rare copy of Blizzard’s Diablo 3 that was
signed by the President and Co-Founder of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaime,
Diablo 3 Game Director Jay Wilson as well as the Dev and Art Team!
Have fun playing the Game!

  Runner Up Winners and Prizes

 AlienCyborgs Announces Giveaway Winners

2nd –  E. Conti –  Florence, Italy

3rd –  Unconfirmed

4th – R. Shafiee –  Oakland, Ca.

We would also like to say thank you to the runner ups and everyone who participated in the giveaway. would also like to say thank you to the community for your continued support in this endeavor and all our future ones as well.

Please keep your eyes peeled for future Giveaways. We will be giving away, Action Figures, Comic Back Issue, Signed Comics and collectibles as well as a random DVD and a Comic Book Subscription of your choice. All this is coming in the near future so check out our site and like use on Facebook to get all the latest details.

Fine Print!

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY  midnight on 05/22/12 no later. Any entries posted after midnight on 05/22 will not be counted. The Drawing will be posted after all the emails are tallied. We are hoping no later than 48 hrs! The drawing of the names will be announced on We will contact you by email. IF you do not provide a valid email and we cannot contact you or you have not contacted us within 2 days of posting the winners, your claim will be forfeited and be given to the next eligible contestant! AlienCyborgs also asks that you provide a picture of yourself with your prize to post on the site, not a bad trade!  Prized may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery depending on country. Its all here in black and white, SO NO WHINING!


All Images, Logos, Characters, Trademarks and I.Ps are property of Blizzard Entertainment and are not owned by

 AlienCyborgs Announces Giveaway Winners

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