Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!

Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!

Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!

Listen to this!



3:00 Alien Cyborgs: Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!

4:55 DC Comics Injustice Video Game / JLA Tower of Babble
[youtube id=”hMkTQSbE6Bc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

7:10 Wonder Woman in pants? Fail.

8:00 Harley gets “Punk’d up” look.

9:00 Batman was a gymnast, not a ninja.

10:00 Pete wears leotards under his clothes.

11:00 Why the hell does the Flash wears armor now?!

12:50 Jet is not a DC Fan

14:12 Jet on Superman Movie

16:00 When bullets don’t work… throw your GUN at Superman!

18:10 …but Peter, I know what a vagina feels like!

19:40 Alien Cyborgs just stickers!

20:22 Street Fighter x Tekken.
[youtube id=”PPaM55ayBvA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

21:43 Arkham City DLC.

23:15 the Nintendo Wii vs the Xbox Kinect.

24:00 Wii April Fool’s Assassins Creed 3 Fan Film. Brilliant!
[youtube id=”7NufHsmITjM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

25:40 DDR broke the video game controller mold.

Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!

26:15 Wii U hardware speculation

27:45 Kinect

29:30 Apple v P.C.

33:43 Zombie Apocalypse Miami Face Eater

35:19 Krokodil aka Crocodile Drug
(we were going to post a video of the effects but it was too graphic)

37:30 C.D.C. knows something!

38:20 Zombie Apocalypse Store, Las Vegas Nevada.  ~AWESOME~

40:00 Matt and Cat Have Back Issues snippet

Geeks Speak Geek Podcast – E3 here we come!


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Thanks for listening and as usual “Speak out with your Geek out!”


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