Happy New Year guys! Alien Cyborgs is giving away its first prize of the year. We are giving away the Alien Blu Ray Anthology to you for free. Here is what you have to do to become eligible:

Listen to the Awesome Countdown to Awesomeness Podcast here

Listen to to the podcast very carefully, all the way to the end (hint). What you’re listening for is how many time Leeloo says the word “MULTIPASS” in the entire podcast.

Once you’ve done that call the Alien Cyborgs Speak Out Hotline at 213 538-2286  leave us a message with your answer ! Don’t forget to tell us your name and the city your calling from and the word “MULTIPASS”,then end your message with “Speak Out with your Geek Out!”  Please speak slow, clear and loud!

*Alternative to Calling the Speak Out Hotline* if you don’t want to call then you can always record a voice memo with your name and the city your calling from and the word “MULTIPASS”, then end your message with “Speak Out with your Geek Out!”  Then email it to admin@aliencyborgs.com and add “MULTIPASS” in the subject line. This is actually the best way, its digital, clear and free!

Aww, isnt he cute? He wants to come home with you…in your chest!

The Alien Blu Ray Anthology  is only for the fans of the Alien Cyborgs Fan Page…if you are not a fan you better go to Facebook and LIKE OUR PAGE! because if your name isn’t on our fans list, you will not be eligible even if you leave a message!

As usual its all free to you as a way of us saying Thank You to you guys! The contest ends on midnight January 20th 2013. We will contact you via Facebook to get all your mailing information! It usually takes us about 2 weeks to get it out to you…give or take.

So Listen, Call in and WIN!

“Speak Out with your Geek Out!”

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