I first saw these sweet lil’ things in the gift shop of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. I saw the shark and of course I wanted one ASAP! So, what is a Geek with a soft spot for cool R/C toys to do? Jump on the interweb and Google it of course. Wouldn’t you know it…ThinkGeek has them on their website, of course they do!

I found out that they are called AirSwimmers and there are two models: a shark and a clown fish that looks just like Nemo! ThinkGeek also had a very cool video showing how fun these R/C Helium Balloons are.

ThinkGeek has them for sale for $39.99 but I did a lil online price comparisons and I found them as low as $17 and as high as $50!
For more information on Air Swimmer and other awesome “flying” toys click on this link.


Product Specifications (as per ThinkGeek)

  • For Ages 3 Years and Up
  • RC flying inflatable AirSwimmer toy
  • Hours of flying sea creature fun for the whole family
  • Durable, high-quality nylon material will stay inflated for weeks
  • Simply refill with new helium when the AirSwimmer doesn’t fly anymore
  • Remote functions: Climb, descend, and tail fin control for turning
  • Range: Up to 40 feet
  • Includes Shark or Clownfish and infra-red controller
  • Requires 4AAA batteries (not included)
  • Requires helium (not included, find it anywhere that sells balloons)
  • Length (with tail): 57 inches
  • Height (with fins): 36 inches
  • Note: Not to be used outdoors

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