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AlienCyborgs.com is a Culture Website, it acts as a hub or a nexus for a community of like minded individuals, consisting mostly of Earthlings with a good mix of Mutants, Aliens and  even a few Cyborgs thrown in for good measure. We enjoy Video Games, Comic Books, Cosplay, Movies, Tech/Gadgets, Toys and all other aspects of “The Culture”. We’ve even been know to occasionally jump on the mics and podcast about how much we love…or hate something, we are not afraid to talk a little smack from time to time. In the end its all good fun.

We offer up views and opinions that at times, may not seem to coincide with the “norm” but honestly…who wants to be “normal”?  “We” have always been a little different, sometimes “we” have been on the outside because of what the norm thought and said…but who cares screw the norm. Now we have a place to go to connect and feel feel a kinship with those in “The Culture” and we give a rats arse about what the “norm” has to say.

We respect everyone on this site… Earthlings, Aliens and Cyborgs alike and we demand the same in return. We will not tolerate any malicious, vile and offensive remarks about a person’s sex, race, religious/spiritual belief , age or preferences. Period.

We are AlienCyborgs and we come in peace, but whatever you do…don’t call us “Nerds”

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