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Title: Adventure Time – Series 1
Created by: Pendleton Ward
Written by: Ryan North
Art by: Shelli Paroline
and Braden Lamb

I think I should start from the beginning. I am an avid “Adventure Time” fan. I loved the web series, I watch the show religiously and on a weekly basis you can catch me gallivanting around town in my favorite “Adventure Time” tee. So when I caught wind of the comic book series, it seemed to be the next logical step into my obsession.

The comic books seemed like a natural expansion of the “Adventure Time” universe. All the basic elements of the show are still present and accounted for. They were able to retain the humor and blissful innocents in the characters that I love so much, while giving you a chance to really dive deeper into the darker and at times, frightening back story that I can’t get enough of.


Written by Ryan North, the comics follow the same basic story line as the T.V Show. It’s a tried and true tale of a boy and his dog . . .  living alone in a post apocalyptic wasteland, populated by all kinds of adorable mutants. Unlike the T.V show, the comics tend to focus their stories on some of the Candy Kingdoms lesser know residents. Though all the old favorites still make an appearance.  Each issue contains two or more mini stories so if you have to read these out of order, it’s not the end of the world.

That’s not to say that there is no overall story line that runs through the series, but because of the popularity these little guys have achieved, it’s not always easy to buy them ( or read them ) in order.


Styling and Design

Though they may not have the most detailed or ornate artwork. These comics definitely still have a unique charm all their own. Each issue is vibrant and beautiful to look at. Sometimes I find myself lost in the background art, trying to dig out all the hidden messages and subtle hints to the series darker underbelly. The format, in which Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb stylized the “Adventure Time” comic series, is simple. It’s bright and fun to look at, which makes this series great for kids, but as an adult, you can pick up on all the little subtleties’ that are strategically placed throughout each issue, for your enjoyment. In short, don’t underestimate these guys. If you take your time with them, they won’t disappoint.


I LOVE this series. It’s a fun and easy read that draws an audience of all ages. They’ve been able to retain all the things that originally drew me to the T.V show while simultaneously creating a new and unique reading experience. For a fangirl like me, nothing is better than seeing your fandom expand into bigger, better things. Especially when those things are collectable and reasonably priced! Pick one up and give it a try. Though not a usual choice for many, I found this series well worth the gamble!

~ Alex Go!


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