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TITLE: Laserblast

YEAR/RUNNING TIME: 1978/85 min


STARRING: Kim Milford, Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith, Roddy McDowall

GENRE TAGS: Sci-Fi, Teen, 80’s



SYNOPSIS:  Wow…this movie is B.A.D. BAD. It IS also pretty amusing though, in a “Someone cast Eddie Deezen as a Heavy” sort of way. Yup, somehow THE 80’s nerd character actor is one of the bullies who pick on our poor protagonist. Billy finds an alien laser gun in the desert that attaches itself to his arm and begins to transform him into a space creature. It also makes him a dickhead that laserblasts people with little provocation. Super cheap movie DOES at least have some pretty cool scenes with stop motion alien lizard men. Amusingly bad at times, it’s not for viewing solo or sober.

TAGLINE: “Billy was a kid who got pushed around… Then he found the power.”

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