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TITLE: Horse Feathers

YEAR/RUNNING TIME: 1932/68 min

DIRECTOR: Norman Z. McLeod

STARRING: The Marx Brothers

GENRE TAGS: Comedy, Classic



SYNOPSIS: Horse Feathers, aka “the one about college football.” Hilarious as they mostly are, Marx bros. movies are all essentially the same thing…a series of sketches written for the bros. specific characters and stuffed into the skeleton of a story. As such, they tend to blend in one’s mind, so “the one on the cruise ship” or “the one with the horserace and blackface” is a more helpful memory jogger than A Night at the Opera or A Day at the Races. (Both movies that Queen would later name albums after) Unlike those two, this is early Marx, so it’s heavy on wackiness and anarchy and light on the plot and songs. The story, unimportant as it is, deals with rival college football programs’ attempts to hire “ringers” to win the big game. When Harpo and Chico are SOMEHOW mistaken for the two ringers, the big game turns into big laughs.

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